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Rapidly prepare for the Cambridge First, IELTS and TOEFL English exams

What's different?

Save Time 

We take the time to make each lesson SHORT. Each week consists of 4 or 5 BITESIZE lessons that you can do RAPIDLY and you'll have the entire course completed in just 24 weeks.

Superior Support

Schedule a quick phone call with your NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHER any time you like or ask questions via email. It's like having a private tutor! 

Total Flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility to take lessons whenever and wherever you want. Simply log in anytime, using any device, for instant access to everything.

Exam Practice

Each lesson includes a practice exercise from the official B2 exam, so you'll gain experience in all the skills you'll need to pass your exam.

Expert Feedback

The feedback you get from your teacher for each exam practice exercise is what makes the difference and why this course is so special.

Based in Madrid

Our carefully designed lessons are delivered and supported by experienced native English B2 specialist teachers who are based in Madrid.

What Our Users Are Saying:

I am very happy with the 6 month online course with Rhett, because thanks to the flexibility it offers, I kept motivated week after week.

From my point of view Rhett is a great teacher because he provides a very dynamic and practical material, with an easy structure to assimilate, and he accompanies you in the learning process, always being close, accessible and putting a touch of humour, that is, making the sessions attractive, entertaining and fun.

Also, his course will help you with the preparation of any B2 English exam, and he will provide lots of extra material for specific topics which you may need.

Thank you very much for your help Rhett, I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot! 

Virginia Del Pino

Rhett is the kind of teacher that manages to teach you everything you need to learn, but he keeps the lessons interesting and even entertaining, so you find yourself learning not only English, but a lot more!

Marcel Algueró

I always liked English since I was a kid but never really studied. I couldn't study English at an Academy because of work, but Rhett's online course helped me a lot! His lessons are full of useful tips and common mistakes that we Spanish speakers make, and never correct. You will learn how to correct them and never make them again.The course helped me a lot to understand a lot of important grammar (my weakness) which I needed. The lessons are all recorded videos and so are easy to replay on the phone. Once I replay them all, I'm going to take the FCE exam! Thank you Rhett! 

Sandra Sánchez

To become an online teacher & translator, I had to study to get my FCE, so I decided to study with Rhett, and he is the best teacher I have had in my life. I like his creative and funny way of teaching us, and I always learn something new! He also gave us a lot of kind attention when we had doubts & queries, by e-mail or on the phone. I would recommend Rhett over any other Academy I have experienced. I hope to join him for CAE soon, which is my next goal!

Caroline Peake Garcia

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